Thursday, June 23, 2016

the big bad ass wanna be fake ass marine and his fudge packing wig wearing lover...

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across theUSA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

rev tyler wanna be sockpuppet troll shielding for null...

monkey see, monkey doo doo...

if john e. tyler had nothing to hide… why did he report this entry on livejournal?

well folks... an update on my stalker...

seems good ole john tyler has not forgotten me. even though i've had no contact with this vermin for several years... he continues to play online... on march 21st. 2014 good ole revvvy boi posted his lame libelous filled blog to a archive site... because he knows that his fake blog is being removed from google/blogspot. then on april 15th of 2015 he posted more pages from his lame blog on archive. hmmm... hey folks is anybody not seeing what's really going on? today, i sent a legal notice to and blogspot of rev tyler's intentions... his blog is removed but he just can't let it go... his lame is also gone... i also sent a copy of this message to rev's dad over at now if i were mr. tyler... well i'd be asking myself why my loser of a son won't stop harassing some guy halfway across the country. i'd be asking myself how can my business retain a proper reputation when my son is online harssing people like a 12 year old buffoon. i ask john tyler why he can't get the respect from his son that is required to make him stop ruining his name online. john tyler should be ashamed of having a lousy son like revvvy boi... john e. tyler is a coward. john tyler needs to draw the line with his son... john tyler needs to show his son who the boss is. it's obvious his son does not respect his father. facts are quite obvious. rev tyler seems intent on damaging and has no problem doing it for the last 15 years. well... john tyler says he believes in god. i believe him. what i can't understand is why his son is such a deviant miscreant who can't act his age and lay off the computer... the guy is way too old to be playing bully online. sad actually. anyway here are a few screens shots of rev tyler's latest playtime... dec 17th 2015- (taken from livejournal)*



For the record, I have had most of Edward Bernard Przydzial's libelous blogs removed from the Internet. I had,,, etc, etc, etc, taken down.

for the record… john e. tyler you went to my livejournal. decided you would copy my entry and do what i did on december 17th of 2015. when i sent notice and had all your harassment blogs removed. 

I DID however leave alone, even though it was an exact copy/paste of the other sites that I had removed and would have been just as easy to remove as those were being as they were obviously filled with harassment, libel, slander and copyright theft.

you're a liar. all those blogs are not removed. and you reported but google allows it per my documentation of the harassment you're doing online.

I left that site alone because in the next few weeks, right about the time the 7-year statute of limitations is up on Edward Przydzial's Criminal Harassment case, I am going in to file another suit against him so he can enjoy another 7 years. He had his chance. Now time is up.

you're trying to extort me into removing what you've been doing and if i don't you're going to abuse the court process of haverhill… so you're admitting you are extorting me and if i don't remove all my documentation you're going to abuse the process of law and file a fake/bogus claim of harassment, libel, defamation and slander? you also say you're going to continue to harass my name by posting this online… yet again.

This time I am adding Defamation of Character, Libel and Slander to the charges of Criminal Harassment and Stalking. I will update the Internet on this case as it unfolds.

you mean as you continue to harass my name, posting libel, fraud and will continue to cyber stalk me via pornwikileaks… and kiwifarms. plus posting more false charges and posting more videos abusing my photos and artwork. 

Ed... You have 3 days to remove every single mention of my name or likeness from every site you have posted them. EVERY SITE!
Do what you want with this three-day grace period. If I see a single mention of myself on any of your trash blogs, I'm going back to court and you are going back to "Criminal At Large" status.
Have a nice day... Or three days as the case may be.

what? you're only giving me 3 days to decide if i'm going to capitulate to your demands? so you're going to add another 7 years of alleged warrant libel online? i guess that means 7 more years of you posting online everywhere like you've did for the past 15 years now… right?

(Don't forget to copy/paste this to your blog, Ed, you silly stringbean!)

revvvy boi… stringbean? really? i'm 6'2 and 200 lbs. you sure dream an awful lot about me and my 'stringbean' mr. tyler. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

donald c. seoane pcr:dna aim doc

donald c. seoane - pcr:dna aim doc
watch eat the viral hiv + load!

Friday, April 1, 2016

john tyler is busy SCRUBBING the internets...

10 Danbury Dr, Methuen, MA 01844
Condominium (Residential)
1 bed, 1 bath, 525 sqft.
Built in 1972

Last sold: Jun 1995 for $21,500
Listing info

John E. Tyler
Registered Name
John E. Tyler
Company Description
John E. Tyler is a business registered in Methuen, MA. The primary business activity of this firm is Women's Clothing Stores.
Business Activities
SIC Code
SIC Code Description
Women's Clothing Stores
Company Contacts
John E. Tyler (Founder)
Phone Numbers
(978) 681-0582

10 danbury dr apt. 11, essex, methuen, ms, 01844, united states
Verizon New England Inc.

71 Fountain St: NSP Residential LLC to John E. Tyler, $137,000

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

poser exposer exposed himself and humiliated the marines!

  1. seeking contact info for Edward Przydzial... -- johnny jigolo (happy), 09:05:18 03/26/10 Fri
  2. i love protest warrior by eddie dzial august 29, 2004 via ken wheaton's excellent photo blog of today's protests.
  3. posted by karol dzial at august 29, 2004 10:21 pm rev tyler is one sick asshole.
  4. posted by: mcat at august 30, 2004 12:29 am protest warrior exposed again!!! well, by now you've already read protest warrior exposed!!!, but the sequal is out and it too is bullshit. in this sequel, they not only expose the protest warriors as computer hackers who commit illegal acts of cyber terrorism to silence americans who don't agree with them, but they also provide absolute proof that the founders of pw, alan in particular, are blatent liars. boy, do they have mud on their faces after this one! this is a leftist tactic... but let's play along... good job, buddy! you really scored some points for your team there, huh brainiac? posted by: RockNRev at october 12, 2004 03:00 pm
  5. we now have a chapter in australia. i love how sheer panicked the left is that we are growing and making huge dents in the lefts protest monopoly. 60,000,000 people voted against pussy european pacifism and socialism, at least there are at least 60,000,000 true god fearing, hard working, ass kicking americans out there to carry on the heritage and glory of our great nation. posted by: conservative (przydzial) at november 16, 2004 08:41 pm
  6. [quote="lovereaction"] wow. tourette's much? john kerry junior (aka rev tyler) johnny e. tyler of andover mass. comcast isp
  7. either you hate america and you wanna see it fail or your just playing politics. either way, you should leave. if you hate this country you should leave, france would welcome you. why are you so against your own country? rocknrev wrote: "i'm not!" if i were, i wouldn't give a flying fuckola what shitty things the rest of the world thought of my shitty country. fact is, i love my country and i fought for it. i'm in pain every day for it and i'd do it again if i were needed. you really don't get it. "what war and how are you in pain? since you aren't in the white house and you didn't make the decision, you do not know why. no one gives a damn about your theories or feelings. it was the un's job to find that shit, not ours! you dont even know what the hell you're talking about, shit for brains. newsflash moron: the world didn't love us before sept 11th and didn't care much for us when the soviets were around either. we were the envy of the world, much like you envy and fear truth. your response is as moot as possible. facts, bring facts, not opinions or theories! pretending to be intellectual doesn't cover it with your jr. high school education, son. i pray you are as old as you sound... but then again, i try not to underestimate the stupidity of leftists. quit being so brave on the internet. the after effects of the war has no bearing of the reasons we entered it... but the after effects of someone hacking into your computer and finding out who you really are and exposing you for who you really are would make up for this cowardly insulting that you resort to on a message board. its happened before... just kill yourself now and spare this thread another worthless emotional rant. how the fuck am i supposed to teach you truth when your opinions blind you to the rhelm of facts? yeah... i'm asking for it by replying to your stupid ass... more insults are guaranteed, bullshit at all that will prove is you as the emotional bitch you are, and the fact based articulate one that i am. oh, and for the record; fuck you and everything you love. i shit on your family and all that you hold dear. that has to be one of the most braindead arguments i've ever heard you make. even if you really were enlisted, dont think that gives you the right to bitch and complain because you regretted your decision. assuming you were in the service, your regret for your decision is blinding you to reality. quit being such an emotional windbag and let it go, jackass. thats the problem with the us military: we're so big, we have to resort to enlisting shitty kids with no other outlook on life other than to let someone boss them around. THAT ISN'T THE SAME AS FIGHTING FOR COUNTRY SO DONT LIE TO YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE AS YOU'RE TRYING TO PROJECT YOURSELF AS SOME VET.
  8. what unit were you in and what was your mos? a truck driver huh. where were you located when you were injured? the reason why i ask is because most scud attacks were launched at israel and the kobar towers in saudi arabia. i was wondering how you ended up with gulf war syndrome if you were injured before entering iraq? the guy's from haverhill, boston (andover), so what do you expect? the guy definately has issues, and i think he had too much sex with his aclu card carrying harvard professors. just how smart can any area that keeps re-electing kennedy as senator be? bottom line is you are a liar. you were probably never injured. more than likely you are a washout. you spent most of your time driving supplies to real marines who were manning a log base somewhere in the rear. you probably washed out of recon school and have resented the military ever since.
  9. whoa! *pulls up a chair, grabs some popcorn.* reaches over and grabs a handful of bps popcorn, hands him a beer. *sits down next to gus and offers them both some chips and gets a pepsi.*
  10. so what is this thread about about again? the topic poster sounds like a rant from a 13 year old with no friends... hey punk, i realize that your asvab score wasn't high enough to get anywhere but the army (sorry don and resident armyites), however, you may have to own up to the fact that living in boston doesn't make you intelligent. wait, maybe he's bi? yes, he does display un-necessary hostility doesn't he? maybe all we have is "ad hominum" attack because thats all you have. fight fire with fire. wtf does ad hominum actually mean. what are you? roman? troll alert!!! (hits button) you're a troll, with no other purpose but to lie about who you are, and get your kicks pretending to be an adult. you are proof that freedom of speech should have restrictions. ban this fugger. that was stupid, why would you post your dd-214? only a fool, a liar, and simpleton, sick meat puppet would think such a thing. or a clueless truck driver whose sole mission and experience in iraq was driving mre's up to real marines. oh yeah, and what did you say your asvab score was again? lies, lies, lies, and the liars who tell them. you never could have been close enough to the kuwaiti oil fires because you were injured in a scud attack (so you claim). regardless, even at some point the if winds shifted and blew due south, the smoke would have be so far up in the atmosphere by the time it reached 200 miles south to jubal it would have been of no consequence to you. you certainly wouldn't have been breathing it, and there is no fuckin' way you were covered in soot. john e. tyler you're a liar. dude, you were not recon, you were a truck driver attached to 1st marines division who drove supplies from the port of jubal to a log base south of the kuwait border. the only shame is that you washed out of recon school which shattered your delusions of grandure. now you attempt to exaggerate your role and experience in iraq. due to your rejection your resent the government and the corps. this statement is blatentely ignorant... maybe your pissed at the world because you were called to active duty and while you were gone jody was gettin' the stank on his hangdown from your girlfriend mary jane rotten crotch. whatever your psychosis stems from, you should seek professional help instead of blaming the corps and your country.
  11. *eats his chips merrily and hands romulas a pepsi* here ya go bud. thanks bro, got any miller lite? hey rocnrev! i left a post for you... you limp wristed, bedwetting, pinko commie, hippie, bead wearin' liar! and at the end of the day, what we have left is rocknrev's picture or arnold's pee-pee, probably his most profound contribution to this thread. enjoy those gay sites, and keep voting kennedy. my governor may like groping women, but at least none have died with him. can your senator say the same?
  12. ...pulls up to the aa meeting with jack, jauger and armaretto: hi fella's, this looks like a good show. anyone else thirsty? anyone find it funny that he blocked out the section on his dd214 that says what his specialty was? i do. rev's a jeep jockey. looks like it says you are a truck driver for the force recon guys. good job, you brought them grub. that's a very important job. without you the drive would have ended very quickly. dude, you were teaching drivers ed. that's not exactly proof that you were a front line trigger puller. all i've seen from you rev is a lot of insults being hurled at everyone who disagrees with you. i tend to take the word of someone who was in the gulf war over your word because this individual... anyone on this board and your actions are contradictory to what the marines stand for.
  13. i stand by my fellow army brother in what he said about you because i know how ab thinks and he certainly acts 10 times the man you are, because he doesn't resort to personal attacks except in regards to posers like you. yeah you were in first recon, but you were just like every other rear echelon motherfucker out there trying to be bigger than what he really is. you sir have been owned. your parrot mouth overrides your rabid ass. i've met many people from all branches, and if there is one thing i've learned, its that marines earn respect. this is something you will not even be able to phantom because you do nothing more than tarnish their image. in two years of active duty you managed to achieve the colossal rank of e-4. you sir are a freakin loser...
  14. i had my e-4 by the time i left basic. the fact is, being in motor transport, you probably had to wash the vehicles that actually were covered in "soot". this menial task has made you bitter and psychotic. so you got out of the corps, grew your hair long and became a hippie. now you lie about how you were a big bad recon man and were injured in the big one. when in fact you were a truck driver, you were never injured in combat, and you had a sorry military career. later chump. i've got plenty of combat vets in my family, so i know the difference between a real combat vet and a wannabe remf vet.
  15. rev, you need some help. it seems like you being a rocker is not enough of an outlet for all this hostility you have towards your country, the marine corps, and us at pw. and if you're so 'proud' of your 'service' in the corps, and never regretted your time spent there, then why does the tone of your recent posts not quite reflect that? i think mr. rev tyler has issues, and some of his claims about his military past are dubious. seek professional help, rev. because if your real personality is anything like your online personality seems to be, then you'll probably have a heart attack by the time you're 35. though if your previous posts here reflect anything of the way you really are, then it will just be a decrease in the surplus population 4 years? and all you got was e-4, what a joke. you are a disgrace to the corps which is why you grew your hair long, began wearing makeup, and started a ska band. i gained more rank in 8 weeks than rocnrev did in 4 years. which is probably the story of his pathetic life. i guess maybe you and your unarmed truck driving buddies snuck into kuwait in some sort of motorpool special ops assignment, i know, its all hush hush... you probably cant talk about it. the aspect of all this that tells me you are a liar, is your foolish efforts to prove yourself. your immature attempts to goad me into trying prove my veteran status have failed, you know why? think about it. you may be able to fool your drivers ed students of your illustrious career as a marine, but you don't fool me. and we're just supposed to believe you because nobody ever lies in online forums, and because you've developed such repore with the regulars here.
  16. oh, by the way, i wouldn't kiss your ass if you paid me. though I'm sure you would get some carnal pleasure from it, what with posting semi-nude pics of ah-nold from a gay magazine. go put on some frilly pink panties to go with your hair, shitbrick. he's full of sh!t. the dd-214 is a generic document used for identification purposes with employers, colleges, etc. etc. in order to confirm benefit and discharge status. the dod doesn't put secret information on a dd-214.
  17. this little make-up wearing hippie ain't no recon, he was a truck driver with a sorry military career. period. lance corporal? sheesh! is this still going? lol! i could rig that up with a few hours and some cash. seriously, where did you take that? in your parents basement? it looks like someone glued some bottle caps to a blue plastic bag, cut some eyeholes, and put it on! sheesh! got one outside in the kuwati desert? this proves nothing except that you can scan and post various things on an online discussion forum, and expect everybody here to take it at face value...
  18. since it's obvious that we appreciate your presence here, and that you have been so courteous and polite. and so far you've made an ass out of nobody but yourself, mr. CAPS-alot. like I said, rev, you need to find a better means to channel all of this hostility instead of engaging in losing flame-wars with people. and the fact that you find it fun to show the world that you like spending this much time and effort in defending yourself against 'us' just reinforces my notion that you should do the world a favor and push yourself down the stairs. it appears to be the same gas mask he has on in his little avatar. that or its secret agent man playing rambo next his wall-locker in a comfy barracks in rihad.
  19. rocnrev, you are the sorriest clusterfuck of a marine i have ever seen. no wonder you didn't make it past e-4 lets see those pictures of the you in kuwait after the ground war... hmmm wait, thats right you got injured in a scud attack prior to the ground war right? well how did you end up in kuwait? oh, nevermind, i'm sure thats all top secret special ops stuff all you motorpool guys pulled off. let me see that blacked out section of your dd-214 secret agent man. i wanna see were you graduated with a secondary mos in the 02, 03, or 08 field. while you're at it, let me see them service dates too. that card doesn't show he had 'secret clearance', it's a restricted area card. it's common for truck drivers to have one of these. he ain't no secret agent man... and he ain't no recon either. i for one have enjoyed the pics lol. i was never in the desert, i served desert storm by way of okinawa japan- kadena ab. woot woot!
  20. the only thing you are proving is that you were in the region and no one is questioning that. you did your part, and you have issues with it. learn to deal with it, and move on. life goes on. i dont know what you want but you're trying too hard in this one thread. i dont know what you're trying to do but it stinks of failed effort. give it a rest, and for the love of god, the 80's are over. even metallica cut off their mullets. i see more pictures of the ugliest bedwetting clusterfuck excuse for a marine i have ever seen. i see a picture of a jerk-ass who claims to be recon like all real veterans of wars, i hate frauds. you should be ashamed of yourself. the glory you try to revel in is reserved for those who were actually wounded or killed in combat. quit being a poser you joe dirt lookin', limpwristed, sock puppet, bedwetting, makeup wearing liar! i've only encountered this malfactor on 1 thread, and already i recognize him as a master troller. he posted on page 7 of eagle strike and immediately was able to divert the topic and waste the time of a whole bunch of us. he possesses an intuition about exactly what to post so as not to address any body else's arguments but write enough so as to goad more from them. his debate, or rather, non-debate tactics are clear: ad hominem, bait-and-switch, re-phrasing over responding, and too many caps.
  21. the question; ban him, or not? since this is a forum where free participation is allowed, i think that banning someone is plain censoring them. it'd be utterly pointless to ban him. what would be achieved? he's a hypocrite and should go. i'd think you guys would think he was one of the more reasonable anti-war folk around here, as generally he's only anti-iraq war, whereas the socialists around here are against almost every single war u.s. has participated in, especially third world intervention. plus he doesn't post that much. but he does continually slam the rightists, i think that's the real issue here. the police chief is wrong then because according to the supreme law of the land, ya know that document you swore an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, that the people have the right to peaceably assemble. to require a permit is to turn a right into a privilege that can be taken away. oh and by the way, the only traitor i see is you after all you did take an oath of alliegence to the constitution. maybe you should remember that benedict. why should he be banned? he isn't a troll or a spammer or anything like that. the city is in violation of the constitution numb-nuts and they are in the wrong. face it you're a traitor to your country and to the oath you took when you became a marine to uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. you, sir, are the enemy to the constitution and you are a traitor as defined under the constitution.
  22. the constitution IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. BAN HIM! not because he is a delusional rabble-rouser or because he is an egotistical fact-dodger but because it is clear that his real reason for posting here is to generate interest and clicks for his n'synch cover band's website. (pw's are not the target audience, it is from the lefties who post here) if you don't ban him, then simply post around him, ignore him. he is very good at sucking everyone in with his confrontational posting style (i.e. coming across like the sixth grade bully) don't ban anyone. it is fascism. only fascists, for example che-lives guys ban and censor people because they're against free speech. we don't censure anyone. you are such a traitor and benedict would be proud of your actions way to go in violating your oath mr. tough guy. you make me sick and all those that died in the service of this country are ashamed of your actions by being an enemy to the very ideals they secured. oh wow, a real marine, force recon even! oh, btw, my girlfriend thinks you should wear less mascara for your photo ops, she thinks it makes you look trashy. we should not ban people because they say offensive things, but when it appears they have no other goal here but to offend its probably best. he's got issues, and he's only looking for arguments so that he can vent. rocknrev is here to manipulate us into wasting our time trying to debate him, he's like a jekyll and hyde. he comes across as another lefty-with-a-point-to-make, but then transforms into some kind of babbling mad man when anyone makes an overture towards real debate. watch him quote this post, substitute over-capped ad hominem for a response, quote him-self from some other thread and add something like "see, you never bothered to look this strait in the eye." and the try to change the subject by bringing up wmd's. he's not here to debate. he's here to obfuscate and to bewilder. you see, he's managed to change the subject of this thread already! look what he's doing! he's causing havok! dont ban rocnrev... he's a secret agent man! ...none of you can repeat this its all hush hush and for your eyes only top secret stuff. if you tell anybody rocnrev and his buddies from the motorpool will have to kill ya. don't ban him... that would be making us just as bad as all those leftist sites many of you are complaining about. besides, you don't have to read or pay attention to what he posts and his pathetic life that forces him to troll political forums to get attention is not our problem.. it's his. i voted to keep him. he lacks in a logically based argument, but there is hope for him. this is the most likely the last post I'll ever address to you. don't try to start a debate with me 'cause i'm making every effort to ignore your intellectual baiting from now on. in short; you are a cinder block, and i am a stop sign: things just can't work out with our relationship. this is our last goodbye.
  23. my heart will go on. hey ole rev tyler... where is your white trash fucking ass? what's the matter rev did you finally remember where you know me from? think hard punk... remember when you looked like the gay boy you are with your groinal dreams of my crotch? your fantasy is all over the net you anti war nut case... not to mention your obsession with the male genital area... you are a fruit loop, protest warriors say you're a homosexual who got a raw deal from the army. grunt truck driving loser who pretends he saw some action... dude, all your army people have owned you and want nothing to do with your gay dirty fucking hippy bitch ass. white trash is all you are... protest warriors schooled owned and basically fucked you in your fake 'peace' hippy ass with no grease... your rep on the net is the best i have ever seen. i was laughing my ass off at how hard the protest warriors fucked you in your ass... not to mention all the other forums you've polluted with your gay anti american agenda... you are the king of tools you bucket of living stool... get some mental assistance cause you are a fruit loop with your kiss academy and your metal chick etc aliases. the protest warriors laid out your whole scheme and you even used some of their tactics on this forum, but... you learned how to think you've owned someone by learning the hard way. GETTING OWNED YOURSELF BY YOUR OWN KIND. you are filth and your white trash bad fashion and fat ass is all i need to see to tell me you have confessed your trailer park dreams right here for all to read. you are making the army look bad and the army hates you. they want nothing to do with you. when looking at google we can see your a first class moron and too bad you learned no respect while you were there and i bet you remember me know don't you... kunt. the war board is mine and you're my bitch. you filthy troll. your buddies and i been setting this up for months ol rev... i got so many photos of your gayness... that's for later anti war boy... if you do not remove the photos you took off the emerald city records website dude, i will tear into you and your life like no other and trust me kunt face others have tried and been crushed by my tactics... you will not win rev ole boy... i've had the best steal images attack my website etc and every one of them has fallen to defeat, remove my copyright images now or face the desert storm you'll not soon forget... stealing bandwidth and stealing copyright images is illegal and can get your shit removed shut down and maybe even lose your internet account for abuse... your i.p. address is all over everything you've done. your old pals and i have been waiting sharpening our teeth and here we are... dude you've been so owned it ain't even funny. i feel sorry for your fake hippy ass you dirty filthy protesting faggot. the war has just begun pickfucker. get ready. posted by: rev tyler TRAITOR at november 24, 2004 02:47 pm
  24. protest warriors are little bitches that wouldn't know what real conservatism is if it bitch slapped them. they are neocon tools and fools. poor revvvy boi... stop looking at the crotch area...
  25. posted by: eddie dzial at january 2, 2005

Saturday, March 26, 2016

rev tyler returns!

well folks. here we go again. 15 years and rev tyler (john e. tyler) is still online posting illegal harassment of the name of his victim. it looks like rock n rev is one of the koolest kids in skool... or so he thinks. now as we reach 2016... march to be exact, rev has been hard at work. posting new libel to, posting new blogs under the legal name of his victim and basically thinking he can remove his problem by mirroring it... well, this isn't going to work. the mirror option only makes it clearer for people to figure out who and what rev tyler really is. john e. tyler is a puke filled bucket of fecal matter dressed up in his yellow backed coward suit.

public notice; john e. tyler is a liar...

Dec 17, 2015 - (john tylerrocknrev his page has fake .... so even if he is abusing the court process (abuse of process) well, let's just ... that NO ONE visits. so he also posts slanderous libel on a blogspot page to ... just likerevvvy boi's pathetic, fake lawsuits. you two should do a internet ...
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public notice; john e. tyler is a liar...: google removals of ...

Dec 17, 2015 - google, ... Labels: 28 power street norton ma 02766, 508.345.2421, abuse,, ... all along. this is more proof when google/blogger removed his illegal libel filled blog he went and posted screen shots at he also posted a new blogspot page as well with ...

john tyler rocknrev rocknrevival... - Google Groups

Oct 24, 2009 - put my face on porn images... made web pages devoted to harassing me like the ... john e.tyler internet abuser political harassment and humiliation as well as copyright violations and libel being posted online by rocknrev .... with the very same list of morons abusing your service by harassing my name and ...
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Feb 13, 2016 - 2014 good ole revvvy boi posted his lame libelous filled blog to a archive ... of 2015 he posted more pages from his lame blog on archive. hmmm... hey folks is ... having a lousy son like revvvy boi... john etyler is a coward. john tylerneeds ... Labels: abuse, fraud, harassment, illegal internet use, john tyler, ...
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F-YOUTUBE: some people never learn...

Dec 17, 2015 - 2014 good ole revvvy boi posted his lame libelous filled blog to a archive ... of 2015 he posted more pages from his lame blog on archive. hmmm... hey folks is ... having a lousy son like revvvy boi... john etyler is a coward. john tylerneeds ... Labels: abuse, fraud, harassment, illegal internet use, john tyler, ...

F-YOUTUBE: February 2014
Feb 5, 2014 - rev tyler and cxb proud residents of boston! ... AND HARASSING ME BOTH ON AND OFF THE INTERNET. ... Labels: john e tyler johnny kim lamarca hosford cxb mass boston nyc rikers ... you just want to own this libel filled blog so you own it. next. .... found on the internet... many pages devoted to exposing

Edward Przydzial - STALKER: Edward Przydzial - BUSTED!

Feb 2, 2016 - The following pages are iFrame captures of Edward B. Przydzial's own ... public notice; john etyler is a liar... REV TYLER THIS BLOG IS A RECORD OF MY CURRENT ... AND HARASSING ME BOTH ON AND OFF THE INTERNET. ... MY NAME FROM THE LIBEL BEING SPREAD BY JOHN TYLER.
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